LS2 FF 387 Helmet Review

LS2 FF 387 Helmet Review


You might not know about LS2 helmets, but you will probably be hearing more about them because they’re solid products with really good value. Made by Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd., a Hong Kong company with factories in China that annually produce more than 2 million helmets for sale worldwide, LS2 offers a full product line. Allwin Powersports Corporation of Aurora, Illinois, is the North American importer and distributor of LS2.

LS2 FF 387 Perfect Fit

The first thing I noted when I put on the LS2 FF 387 helmet was that it fit me perfectly and felt exceptionally comfortable on my head. The chin bar is just long enough that I didn’t feel overly confined like with some helmets from the Pacific Rim. Eyeglass fit is pretty snug but adequate. Sideways peripheral vision is excellent, but the tall chin bar – more than 4 inches without the wind deflector installed – does restrict downward vision. Nevertheless, overall outward vision is at least average.


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